Welcome to Namaha Yoga Hyderabad! 

We are thankful, beyond grateful for all your kind words, support and encouragement. All of us have started to weave a piece that will never end. This piece has already started to show it’s structure, but it has no design. There are no limits. Just open ended possibilities.

You'll find these possibilities as you see the reflection of yourself in the mirror, and understand the true colours of your heart and soul. With passion, patience and understanding, let us all support each other as we embark on the journey of realising who we truly are. Using our strength and flexibility not only in the yoga room, but letting that translate to all areas of our lives.

We met so many new wonderful members who are taking on this practice with full force. For those of you, whose first few classes may have not resonated with you, ask yourself why. Was it the heat, the postures, the teachers? I remind you, that all those reasoning’s are something that is stealing your peace from the "outside".

We presently are offering 60 minutes formats of yoga classes:

Hot yoga is intense form done in a heated room - excellent for weight loss

Gentle Yoga done in regular with no heat and less intense and idle for all ages.

The mirrors are not just there for alignment, but are there for witnessing who you are, how you move and breathe for 60 minutes. It may not be something you like at first, but perhaps with every breath, every class you will learn to love yourself a little more, balance a bit better, control your thoughts more. We guarantee that you'll start seeing the results in due course with your consistency, persistence, strength and determination.

Quote of the month:

"It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple."

-Rabindranath Tagore