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Hot Fusion

Power Flow

Power Flow
Power Flow

Power Flow

Hot / Bikram YogaExcellent for weight loss/toning burning close to 1000 calories. Done in heated room but students have the choice to stand in hot/warm/cool zones 

Vinyasa / Power Flow – Done in regular non- heated to mildly heated room 

Hot Fusion – Combination of Bikram-Vinyasa-Yin-Hot Pilates 

Sauna/Heat/Sweat Therapy –  Heating Therapy promotes excellent cardiovascular conditioning & weight loss. Session’s can last for 20-40 minutes. Call for appointment. Timings are usually during studio hours. For more info click the link Sweat or Sauna or Heat Therapy


Single Class 500
1 Month 5500
3 Month 15000
6 Month 25000
1 Year (12 Month) 45000
1 Week (7 consecutive days) 2000
10 Class (valid for 40 days) 4000
30 Class (valid for 90 days) 9000

*Rates are subject to change, non-transferable and non-refundable