Actress Rakul Preet

"Not only serves as a great form of exercise it rejuvenates the mind & body. I felt so relaxed after flushing out toxins. I recommend everyone to try it."


Weight Loss – Hari

Thank You for mentoring me in losing weight & making me feel good about myself. I have been trying to lose weight since 15 years but

could never achieve 2-3 kgs weight loss. Namaha yoga had not only made me lose weight but made me more disciplined as an individual.

6 Months of this yoga resulted in 25kgs of weight loss, stronger / healthier  back & knees


Weight Loss & Knee Arthritis

•Yes I started seeing a body transformation. My clothes were hanging quite loose, my legs and back was getting strong. And with the diet given for the 30 day challenge it was amazing to see how my mind and body was responding to it. •I was not feeling any pain on my left knee anymore. Climbing up stairs got easier with little effort. Day 1-75 kgs & Day 30 came down to 70 kgs. DAY 1 – Waist 33 inches & DAY 30 – Waist 31 inches Always thought and believed as one gets older the metabolism becomes sluggish and no matter how hard one works out, one can’t lose weight and inches so easily. -Swapna

Actress Regina Cassandra

"Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga as lot of you know has helped me get more flexible. "


Diabetes – Viswa


I have been in insulin for diabetic for the past several years with HB A1C over 9.5.

After regular practice, my HBA1C has dropped to 6.8 which is a miracle and have never seen such results the past many years.

Also, I was advised for a surgery for my left knee. After a year, my knee is doing great and I am able to function well.



Heart Blocks – Hanumanth

Tested by cardiologist Dr.Ganesh Manathan with 60% of blockage in main valve.

After practising regularly for 16 days in one month and went for monthly check up and found the blocks are almost cleared and the doctor reduced medicines from 40mg to 5mg.

-Kalluri Hanumantha Rao


Actress Lakshmi Manchu

"What I like about is that it has a very simple structure of postures that involve all parts of the body."


Diabetes – Mahi

I am a diabetic dependent on Insulin. My physical built right from my child hood has been obese, I used to keep my blood sugar levels by brisk walking for an hour, however due to a wound on my right toe I was advised by the doctor, a diabetic foot specialist to refrain from walking. The advantages that I had gained by continuously doing yoga for 6 months are as follows:

Weight Loss and lost about 3.5 inches on my waist. My Diabetic wound which was persistent for two years has vanished. All the above are physical facts and are measurable. - Mahidhar, Entrepreneur