Tone your Abs, Thighs–and yourself to perfect body/mind

Just 60 minutes to reduce 5 kgs

-Tone your Abs, Thighs– and yourself to a perfect body/mind


What can a standardized 60-minute session, featuring series of postures and breathing exercises performed in a room heated do to your body?

You lose weight.

Wondering how? Here is the new age mantra ‘Namaha Hot Yoga’


Hot yoga is an intense form of yoga that burns calories and tones muscles. But to completely get rid of your belly/thighs/butt– you need to burn, or use, more calories than you take in on a daily basis.


The heat warms your muscles and opens you up. It also means you sweat from places on your body that you might not have realized had the potential to do so. If you thought Namaha Yoga didn’t offer much by way of a workout, go to one class.

The perfect Thighs

In order to sculpt your thighs, you’ll have to lose weight first. Kajal Pothneni, has been practicing for some time now, she says “my cellulite disappeared within one week.” She also adds “after practicing this yoga for about a week 4-5 practices, I’m cellulite free, and back to stunning best.”


Tone Your Abs

A natural metabolism booster like Hot Yoga increases your body’s ability to burn fat even from the lower belly. Also helps to shed kgs of post baby weight gained when pregnant.


Weight Loss

Hot Yoga is known for burning 1000 calories a session. One Harvard study even suggests that due to its emphasis on weight-bearing positions, burns more calories than previously expected.

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